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The Itasca County Shoreland Guide provides basic information about good lake stewardship. You will learn ways of managing your property that will protect water quality by: (1) curbing pollution at the source and (2) reducing, capturing, and cleansing runoff before pollutants reach the lake. Included in the guide is information on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) that can impair recreational enjoyment and impact water quality. Speciļ¬c local and state rules and regulations related to shoreland living and development will also be covered.

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2018 Shoreland Steward Award Winners

  • KAXE


    Installed in 2008. Rain garden is a catch basin to collect and filter stormwater from the KAXE roof that then would flow into the Mississippi River.
  • YMCA


    Installed in 2015. The rain garden was built as a buffer to filter stormwater runoff from the YMCA parking lot and ball field. The stormwater then flows to the Mississippi River.

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