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Itasca County Soil & Water Conservation District

The Mission of the Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is to provide a local organization through which landowners and operators, local units of government and state and federal agencies can cooperate to improve, develop and conserve soil, water, wildlife and recreational resources.

The SWCD will encourage adoption of proper land use practices as needed, recognizing that these measures are essential for maintenance of permanent and prosperous natural resource-based industries in Itasca County. 
-Itasca County SWCD Is An Equal Opportunity Employer




Itasca SWCD Team

Matt Gutzmann

Itasca soil and water

Kathy Cone>

Itasca SWCD

Austin Steere

Itasca SWCD

Andy Arens

Andy Arens

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Waylon Glienke

Itasca SWCD

Bill Grantges

Itasca SWCD

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Board Members

Chris Reed

Board Member

District 1

Tom Nelson

Vice Chair

District 2

Paul Rustad


District 3

Michael Oja


District 4

Cal Saari

Board Chair

District 5

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