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Minnesota Statute 103B.101, Subdivision 12A and 103F.48 (Buffer Law)

Compliance Tracking of all Parcels Subject to the Buffer Law

  • A review of all parcels in the county will be reviewed within a 3-year timeframe.

 Random Spot Checks

•   Random spot checks will be done in addition to the tracking of all parcels within a 3-year span. These checks may be conducted via aerial photo review or on-site review depending on availability of updated aerial photos and the practice that is being checked/access to farms. A combination of both aerial and on-site review may also be used.

  • The Itasca SWCD will conduct 25-50 parcels on a random spot check review each year outside of the scheduled area.
  • Additionally, the Itasca SWCD may review parcels of emphasis more frequently.
  • Previously non-compliant
  • No-till/Conservation tillage or cover crop alternative practice plans
  • Variable width buffers (i.e. Land O’ Lakes buffer tool, Decision Support Tool)
  • Other Alternative Practice Plans
  • Cost-share funded projects (years 1,3,9 of contract)
  • Parcels of further emphasis (potential violators)

Buffer Compliance Map

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