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Did you know that female monarch butterflies lay their eggs on all 9 types milkweed plants? That’s right- and swamp milkweed and common milkweed average the highest number of eggs! The monarch butterfly is now listed on the endangered species list. These pollinators (just like bees, moths, flies and other butterflies) are essential to help plants make fruits and seeds by moving pollen from one place to another.

Planting a pollinator garden with a variety of pollinator plants (including milkweed) can help these endangered monarchs with more places to lay their eggs.

Are you interested in a pollinator project on your property? Would you like some help paying for it? Here at Itasca SWCD, we have a cost-share program that can help pay 50% of the cost of your project! Give us a call if you’re interested in working on a project that can help add some pollinator flowers to your yard and help with the monarch butterfly population: 218-326-5573.

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