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The MASWCD Outstanding Conservationist Award is to recognize individuals, conservation organizations, and others for outstanding accomplishments with implementing conservation practices and improving Minnesota’s natural resources. Itasca Soil and Water this year nominated John Davis from Deer Lake Assoication.

Deer Lake has a strong natural resource conservation culture.  The Lake Association is one of the most active in Itasca County, and they are more successful than most in regard to fund raising and implementation.  Since John Davis became President of the Association in 2017, conservation activities of the Association have been taken to the next level.  John spends a lot of time on Association activities, is passionate, aggressive, and well spoken.  John and the Lake Association work closely with the Itasca SWCD administered County AIS program, and are active members of the Itasca County Coalition of Lake Associations (I-COLA). The Deer Lake Association, and John Davis as President, are both rare.  Their level of compassion and success is far beyond that of other successful and respected Lake Associations.  Their ability to raise money, and make things happen through volunteerism, are a breath of fresh air.

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