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Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils is partnered with Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant Program by providing funds to help protect and restore the natural environment. Itasca County Soil and Water was able to receive these funds in 2016. Funds from the Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant were spent on a Deer and Pokegama Lakes Stream Phosphorus Reduction Stream Geomorphology Report.

Itasca County Soil and Water also used these funds to monitor and sample Deer and Pokegama once a month for a two-year period during the months of May through September.

The primary focus is on collection of total phosphorus (nutrient), chlorophyll-a (pigment in algae), and Secchi depth (water clarity). With this information, the MPCA can determine the condition of the lake. Nutrient levels drive the productivity of the lake. An increase in nutrients often leads to an increase in plant or algal growth and a decrease in water clarity. In general, high nutrient levels increase the likelihood that nuisance algal blooms will grow and that lakes will not meet aquatic recreational uses.

Preventing muddy waters in Minnesota’s lakes

Contact our staff for more information on the Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant Program

Tim Frits, Forestry/Shoreland Specialist

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