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Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District

Water Resources

Lake Water Quality

Improving background information on targeted lakes within Itasca County is an important step in protecting the valuable water resources of our area.  Technical assistance is provided to Lake Associations or concerned landowners in the following areas: 1) Lake sampling (collection of water samples for further analysis, temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH) 2) Watershed assessment (watershed delineation and land use inventory) and 3) Development of a lake assessment report (sampling procedures, results and data, and recommendations).

Rain Gauge Monitoring

The Itasca SWCD coordinates a network of rain gauges district-wide that are operated by volunteers.  Each volunteer measures and records daily precipitation with a cylinder-style rain gauge and periodically sends the data to our office.  The data is compiled by our office and forwarded to the Minnesota State Office of Climatology.  If you are interested in becoming a rain gauge volunteer (gauges provided at no cost),   please contact our office.

Erosion Control

Controlling soil erosion not only reduces transport of sediment, but it also reduces the movement of nutrients and additional chemicals, thereby protecting surface water quality.  Technical assistance is available for:  1) Shoreline and streambank stabilization such as rock riprap and bioengineering 2) Lakeshore alterations including tree plantings, diversions, and filterstrip establishment 3) Urban construction projects encompassing sediment basins, diversions, and critical area seedings and 4) Borrow pit reclamation through planning bank stabilization, seeding and mulching, and diversions.  Cost-share assistance may be available depending on the nature of the project.   

Reports and Studies
Funded by the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment

Littlefork/Bigfork/St. Louis River WRAPS 2014-2015 Final Report 

Upper Mississippi River-Headwaters SWAG 2013-2014 Final Report

FY 14 Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network (WPLMN) Final Report

Other Reports and Studies

Deer-Pokegama CWP Report

Jessie Lake TMDL Page

Sand Chain of Lakes Sensitive Lakeshore Survey

Bass Lake Sensitive Lakeshore Survey

Turtle Lake Sensitive Lakeshore Survey