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Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District


Erosion Control

Controlling soil erosion not only reduces transport of sediment, but it also reduces the movement of nutrients and additional chemicals, thereby protecting surface water quality.  Technical assistance is available for:  1) Shoreline and stream bank stabilization such as rock riprap and bioengineering 2) Lakeshore alterations including tree plantings, diversions, and filter strip establishment 3) Urban construction projects encompassing sediment basins, diversions, and critical area seeding and 4) Borrow pit reclamation through planning bank stabilization, seeding and mulching, and diversions.  Cost-share assistance may be available depending on the nature of the project.

Shoreline Stabilization

Technical assistance is available for lakeshore owners whose shorelines are eroding due to ice, wind, and wave action.  Our staff can help design a shoreline stabilization project ranging from rock riprap to shoreline re-vegetation using native species.  Cost share assistance may be available for some projects.  If you are concerned about your shoreline contact our office for more information.

Shoreline Re-Vegetation

Technical assistance is available for lakeshore owners who wish to reestablish or to create a more natural shoreline by planting native shoreline species.  Not only are natural shorelines beautiful, they are critical in stabilizing the shoreline from the damaging effects of erosion.  Natural shorelines also create a buffer between your yard and the lake beyond.  That natural buffer helps keep the lake water clean by filtering out pollutants before they have a chance to reach the lake.  Natural shorelines also create critical habitat for fish and wildlife that a manicured lawn can not provide.  Cost share assistance may be available for your re-vegetation project.  Contact our office for more information.

Shoreland Stewardship Award

The Itasca County Coalition of Lake Associations (I-COLA) started the Shoreland Stewardship Award Program to recognize lakeshore owners who have implemented outstanding shoreline management practices within Itasca County.  The purpose of the award is to recognize as well as promote shoreline conservation practices on area lakes.  Award winners are chosen annually by the Shoreland Steward Award Committee, and presented with a plaque honoring their commitment to conserving the county's water resources.  Award winners also receive recognition at the Itasca County Fair, at a County Commissioners meeting, and on ICTV.  The Stewardship Award program is funded through I-COLA, and administered by I-COLA as well as the Itasca SWCD.  If you have implemented any new shoreline conservation practices or have been maintaining an exceptional shoreland conservation practice on your property and would like to share your success story and be recognized for your efforts, please complete the following form and return it to the address listed on the bottom.  You may also complete the form if you would like to nominate someone you know for their contribution to shoreland management.  All applications are due by July 1st, and award winners will be notified shortly thereafter.  Contact Andy Arens at 218-326-0017 for more information regarding the award and eligible practices.

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for the Shoreland Stewardship Award Application.  Print this form and return it to the address listed on the bottom of the page.

2012 Shoreland Steward Award Winners

Ron and Sandy Evenson

Ted and Swanny Voneida


Jessie Lake Watershed Association, Tilly'S Creek