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Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District


Woodland Stewardship Plans

The Itasca SWCD has a forester on staff who is available to write Woodland Stewardship Management Plans tailored specifically to your property and your management goals.  Stewardship plans help landowners with land management decisions that will help keep their woodlot healthy and productive for many generations.  Itasca County landowners who own at least 20 contiguous acres of undeveloped and non-agricultural land are eligible to take advantage of this service.  Contact the office for more information and to determine the cost of a plan for your property.  Landowners who agree to follow a stewardship plan on their property are eligible for incentive payments from programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Incentive Act (SFIA).  A stewardship plan is also one of the primary requirements for landowners who are considering enrolling their land in conservation easement programs.

The 2c Managed Forest Land classification provides a reduced class rate of 0.65 percent to qualifying properties.  To reduce your 2014 property taxes, you'll need to complete the required paperwork by May 1, 2013.

Contact us for more information regarding stewardship plans and also to determine whether your property lies within a current "priority area."

Free Services

If you have a tree or forestry related question but do not need a stewardship plan you can feel free to contact our staff forester any time.  Questions can be anything from tree health to general forest management.

On-site general forestry information is also available.  Call our forester and schedule a time to walk through your property.  During a site visit you can get general advice on how to manage your property for timber resources, wildlife, and general sustainability.

Several forestry related publications are available for free through our office.  New resources are continually being produced.  Call or stop in to see what is available.