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What is Firewise?

Firewise addresses the risk of homes in the wildland/urban interface to wildland fire.  Every year more homes and cabins are built in Minnesota's forested areas where wildfires occur regularly.  Existing firefighting resources are less able to protect everyone's property while trying to control a wildfire. The firewise program strives to educate you the homeowner about steps you can take to help protect your home from an approaching wildfire. You do not need to feel helpless if you live in the wildland/urban interface.  Firewise can help you minimize the risks of damage or destruction from a wildfire.

Risk assessments can be conducted by your local fire department.  If you are unsure of who to contact with your local fire department, you can contact Bill Brink the Itasca County Firewise Coordinator at 218-360-1114 or at

Itasca County Firewise News

  • Local fire departments have visited over 5500 homes in Itasca County to evaluate their risk of succumbing to wildfire.  A map showing "hot spots", or high risk areas was produced using the data.  Click here to view this map.
  • Become a Firewise vendor.  Here's how.
  • Notice to Itasca County Residents:  Please read this important letter regarding firewise evaluations in your area.  Click here.
  • If your home has not been evaluated or you do not know if it has you can contact your local fire department for a free evaluation.

More Information

  • Local Firewise Evaluation Checklist
  • Simple Firewise Checklist "watchouts!"
  • 50 things you can do to protect your home
  • Is your home protected from wildfire?
  • Anatomy of a Firewise home
  • Interactive Home Fire Evaluation
  • Downloadable Home Evaluation Form
  • Tips for burning debris


September 2006 Wildland Fire, south of Poplar Lake